MANAGE has grown with the help of a dedicated network of small distributors and affiliates. While we do sell retail on this site as a convenience to those drop ship distributors and affiliates who can't maintain their own inventory, we do not compete with our distributors at the retail level elsewhere. We're a manufacturer and wholesaler first and foremost, focused on providing first line warehouse distribution of our products. You won't find us listing in online marketplaces or trying to get into your local store. We sell here. Otherwise, we leave retail to the retail experts, our distributors.

Applying to sell directly with us gives you better communication options, but you can also find our products for both drop shipping and bulk purchases on Doba if you're a member there. The distributor pricing is the same, though Doba fees may apply.

Drop Shipping

Can't handle a large inventory? We can take care of your distribution for you. Accept your customer's order and payment at full price, then enter the order information in the private Distributor Ordering area. You get 30% off and we'll drop ship the order to your customer with free shipping via USPS anywhere in the US, including APO/FPO addresses. Orders received before 3:00 PM eastern time generally ship the same business day. Orders received later generally ship the following business day.


Wholesale discounts of 50% apply with minimum order levels. The MANAGE Age Defiance minimum is 300 bottles. Companion products have a 250 bottle minimum, though you can mix and match products to meet that minimum. Orders ship free to continental US addresses via UPS. MANAGE Age Defiance requires international shipping of some core ingredients, which will occasionally cause production delays for new customer bulk orders. We'll set a date with you upfront and meet it.

Sample Packs

Sample Packs include 10 bottles of MANAGE Age Defiance, 5 bottles of MANAGE Daily Multi, and 3 bottles each of MANAGE Immune Boost, MANAGE Joint Support, and MANAGE Heart Health. They're perfect as samples for face to face sales or as small lots for reselling if you're not ready to buy wholesale. Sample packs are a 40% discount at $427.08 and ship via USPS Priority Mail by the next business day.

Banner Ads

Our banner ad program lets you point our ads to your shop. Put them on other sites you manage, or use them for general advertising. We approve your shop URL, then it's just a matter of placing a small code snippet anywhere you want to display a MANAGE ad to leverage our creatives and market research to drive traffic to your product pages. We'll even help you with targeting if you want to plan a traffic campaign.

Marketplace Participation

For the benefit of all distributors and the protection of the brand, we limit distributor participation in online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. You must be approved to list products on any site, including public marketplaces. Obviously we're interested in serious distributors for marketplace representation, but we're also interested in restricting competition between our distributors to foster long term, trusting and profitable relationships with them. If you're interested in selling in a marketplace, just be sure to indicate that with the selection on the application. We're happy to discuss it with you.


Your approval may be subject to additional information we request based on the information you give us here, but we'll usually get back to you the same day to get the ball rolling. If you have any questions before applying, feel free to contact us.

What's your primary distributor program interest?

Drop shipping.
Full wholesale.

I'm interested in selling on online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay.
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I have read, understand and agree to all the statements, conditions and terms on the MANAGE Distributors page of the MANAGE web site. I understand these statements, conditions and terms may change without notice and it is my responsibility to check for updates. Notwithstanding, I may be contacted from time to time about such updates or other information relevant to my current or future purchases. Any changes or additional statements, conditions and terms relayed by such contact will be incorporated into these statements, conditions and terms in the event those changes have not yet been reflected on the site. I am free to enter into this agreement and take full responsibility for filing and fulfilling the requirements of any license, tax or other commerce related applications, disclosures, returns, or other documents that might be required of my federal, state or local governments to rightfully enter into this agreement and to sell MANAGE products. I further agree that delivery of any purchased items in their intended, new condition to the address I have provided with this application or the billing address of any payment method used to make a purchase or a separate shipping address I enter during checkout constitutes an obligation for payment in full, which I will not later dispute. I agree not to share, sell or otherwise distribute my distributor ID, which once assigned gives access to distributor pricing. I understand that to sell any MANAGE product, I must represent the entire line of products. My listings and promotional material in any form must offer all current MANAGE products. I agree to use MANAGE templates for all listings and promotional material. If for any reason I need to make changes to the template, I agree those changes must be approved by MANAGE before being presented to the public. I understand MANAGE reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to revoke distributor IDs or otherwise stop selling to anyone who does not adhere to all statements, conditions and terms or is thought to be violating any law or trade regulation related to the purchasing or sales of MANAGE products. If my distributor ID is revoked, I will immediately stop selling MANAGE products and remove all marketing material, in print or electronic form, from circulation.

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