Am I supposed to buy all of these?

No. MANAGE Age Defiance is our flagship product. We assume it's why you found us and it's fine to take it on its own. Companion products are designed to complement MANAGE Age Defiance and consider male physiology in their formulas if you need them.

How fast does it work?

Your body's going to adjust to MANAGE Age Defiance quickly. Beginning effects will be evident in the first few weeks. The full effects can take a month or two of sustained use to fully bloom, which is why every bottle is a two month supply. MANAGE Age Defiance is meant to be taken consistently and long term rather than as a temporary boost.

How do I know it's working?

Many men taking MANAGE Age Defiance will experience a minimal breakout within the first week or two. That's physical evidence your new mood isn't all in your mind right from the start. It's your body's response to increased testosterone, just like your body reacted as a teenager. Also like then, when your testosterone levels stabilize the breakouts will go away, usually within about 10 days. While not everyone will have the same reaction, if you had breakouts as a teenager then a mild one here can be expected. Other physiological effects will be noticeable after consistent use, but take longer to begin.

What changes will I see?

In terms of your outward appearance, that depends a lot on you. We're turning the clock back a bit for you, allowing your body to reclaim a few lost years biologically. Those effects are on the inside and make your body operate at more youthful levels. If you're looking for really visible results on the outside, you have to take advantage of those effects just like when you were a bit younger. The more you do for yourself with a healthy diet and healthy activities including exercise, the more visible benefits you're going to derive from the new fuel MANAGE Age Defiance lets your body make.

Why should I trust you?

The MANAGE line was released in April, 2017 after three years of field testing and formula refinement. Our manufacturing plant has been a leader in the natural supplements arena since 1974 and is respected industry-wide. The plant's commitment to purity, quality, and ecologically sound practices even earned a seat at the COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference. You won't find a more solid and trustworthy corporate citizen in the supplements industry.

Why don't I just buy the ingredients?

Price 60 days of MANAGE Age Defiance ingredients individually and you will easily be in the $60 – $70 range on the low end with reputable brands. Affordability was a high priority for us. More importantly, our formula is based on precision dosing to affect the best potency of these ingredients combined. The result is not the same if you take only one or two of the ingredients, or if they're used in different dosing combinations.

Why take "with meals"?

The biggest criticism of supplements is that they go right through you without your body actually digesting them, which is untrue. The capsule casing expands in moisture to break up and release the ingredients. That takes a little time. If you take them with an empty stomach so the capsule moves quickly and dissolves later, you're not going to absorb all the ingredients. Many people think a change in urine color, most commonly when taking a daily multi-vitamin, is anecdotal evidence of your body not processing the ingredients, but the fact that they're in your urine actually proves the opposite. That's your body getting rid of the excess B complex vitamins it can't use right away after being filtered through your whole system. If they didn't make it through your body to be filtered out as liquid, you wouldn't see the change. To get the full amount of any supplement into your system, it should be taken with food so the ingredients will be digested like food.